Ekaterina Frolova



She is a bundle of moods, a whirlwind, the young Russian violinist Ekaterina Frolova. She loves the trickiest pieces most—not from athletic ambition but from pure pleasure in her instrument. With her diploma as a soloist from the famous conservatory in Saint Petersburg in her pocket, Ekaterina Frolova moved to Vienna in 2009 to continue her education. At the same time, however, she loves to appear on stage, and she is quickly capturing the hearts of her audiences.

Jeunesses Musicales MV 2014, Deutschland
Grand Prix at Osaka Music Competition 2012, Japan
Kronberg Akademy 2011, Deutschland
Valsesia Musica 2011, IT Kreisler Wettbewerb 2010, AT
Ekaterina Frolova on YouTube: Working together FINAL
Ekaterina Frolova on YouTube: Brahms FINAL
Ekaterina Frolova on YouTube: Music Festival Varna 2016
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